USB Heated Shawl/Lap Blanket

{January 04, 2010}   USB Heated Shawl/Lap Blanket

I can’t stand being cold. I mean, I think I’d rather be a little bit chilly than insanely hot because then at least you can add layers. It’s not like you can continually strip clothing off if you’re hot – eventually you’re just gonna get down to skin and there’s nowhere to go from there (also, the potential for sunburn in sensitive areas is extremely high). The worst thing about being cold is that even though you can pile on layer after layer, sometimes it’s just not enough. You could have 20 blankets on top of you, but it’s gonna take about an hour for you to get nice and roasty toasty. And I’m impatient, so that’s just not gonna cut it.

What I’m interested in is a good old fashioned heated blanket, but with a more technological savvy twist, like the USB Heated Shawl/Lap Blanket (Convenient Gadgets & Gifts, $28.95). Specifically made for occasions when it would be virtually impossible or completely inappropriate to be holed up underneath a down comforter, this electrically heated blanket connects to your nearest USB power source. With a 4′ long cord, you’re not going to be tethered to your desk but I wouldn’t expect to be running any marathons any time soon either. For the ladies out there, this blanket can also be used as a shawl and has a button sew in to hold it in place. There’s an interior heating pad with a temperature range of 100 F – 113 F so there’s no way that you’re not gonna be cozy as a clam wearing this.

The only bad thing about a heated blanket is that as soon as you take it off, you’re instantly freezing again, Sure, that’s just like any blanket, but it’s a thousand times worse with a heated one. But then again, it’ll be that much warmer once you put it back on. It’s the same concept as getting out of a hot tub, only more easily accessible while at the office.

3 out of 5 stars.


-Dimensions: 31″ x 17″
-Cord length: 4′
-Interior heating pad
-Temperature: 100 F – 113 F
-Plugs into USB port
-Made of soft plush velour
-Button to hold shawl in place
-Only available in blue


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